This year has been TOUGH. I’ve been forced to face the skeletons in the closet, a bombardment of truth bombs and the ugly shadows of myself in the mirror. I don’t want to retell all these stories, so I will simply record and hopefully remember 2015 as a year of self growth.

With this transformation, I was hiding from my blog. There are many things that do not need to be advertised on the internet and the last 370 days fall into that category. That being said, I really miss writing and my blog and my pretend audience.

And so… I’m working on a blog business plan. I want to create more consistent and focused content (like I said last year), but I feel like I’m in a better place in my life to say that candidly and with the motivation to back it. I have a long way to go, but these next two months will be a revival.

I’ll see you soon!


happy halloween

I told you all about my trick-or-treaters yesterday, but what I failed to mention (because the pictures alone warrant their own post) was that I had an awesome Halloween party as well!! Throughout the night, about 20 people came by. Not bad for my first party, eh?


I decorated my house, but I forgot to take a bunch of pictures of it!
Here are the major shots, I guess.

IMG_0363 IMG_0350 IMG_0349

I made a crap-ton of food. This isn’t even half of it!

IMG_0020 IMG_0021 (2)

IMG_0022 IMG_0024

Thanks butthead, for ruining our picture!

IMG_0025 (2) IMG_0026 IMG_0027

Haha… and then I photobombed Spiderlady and Frankenstein’s pic.

IMG_0028  IMG_0030

Little Red Riding Hood with Spiderlady.
Frankenstein was taking a leak in the background (HAHA!)

IMG_0034 IMG_0035

How many pictures does it take Bumblebee NOT to blink?

IMG_0043 IMG_0049 IMG_0052

Add a person group shots:

IMG_0051 IMG_0048 IMG_0033

I was so scared my swing was going to break! (Eeek!)

IMG_0036 IMG_0039 IMG_0042

Frankie’s playing with Gorilla’s nipples again…


Obligatory sister shot.

IMG_0044 IMG_0045

They match my bikes!!


Darcy dressed up as a well-behaved doggie
instead of her normal crazy bitch persona.


Group shot photobombed by a bat!

IMG_0038 IMG_0041

And Mr. Rogers showed up past his bedtime…

IMG_0029 (2) IMG_0032


Have you ever been to the Tanque Verde Swap Meet? Or any swap meet, for that matter. Well, when I was little, I would go there with my neighbor and their family. Dada would give us all a $5 and we thought we were so rich! We’d go around looking for the snacks and toys and goodies we’d want to spend it on. $1 for duros or chicharrones with lime juice and hot sauce, $1 for a kite, 50 cents for tamarindo candy… we were so excited! We were just kids with wide eyes, looking into the world without worries and with the innocent enchantment only a child can have.

That’s basically the same excitement I felt giving goodies to trick-or-treaters at my house this year!

Many of you already know, but April and I grew up in a [very] evangelical Christian home, where both of my parents referred to Halloween as ‘the Devil’s Holiday’. Instead of trick-or-treating, we drove to our Southern Baptist church for the annual Harvest Festival. There were blow-up obstacle courses, a jumping castle, karaoke, carnival games, our church leadership dressed up in silly costumes–sitting in the dunk tank and plenty of candy and other awesome treats. To say we didn’t enjoy ourselves would be cutting our childhood short. It was a huge party! But alas, we missed out on that one very American tradition.

As an adult, I did my fair share of research into the origins of Halloween. It started with the Celts and their Samhain (sah-ween) celebration, which marked the end of summer, the height of the harvest season and the beginning of darker days. That whole transition in the seasons created what the Celts believed to be a kind of yearly portal for transitioning souls. I wish I could credit the person who wrote this, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember, though it has stayed with me… someone described Samhain as a celebration to honor the coexistence of the spirit world and the living world. To me that sounds like a beautiful thing to celebrate!

And so, I finally got my chance to join in on this celebration of the spirit world!

Haha… my house, my rules!!



I drove to San Francisco for a long weekend. While getting dinner at a recommended vegan restaurant, some fucking asshole smashed out the back window of my rental car and stole my bike. Yes, the bike that replaced the one that was stolen in April.

What the flying fuck?! I am so fucking pissed off. I hate people. I hate all you low-life pieces of shit who think you’re entitled to take what other people have worked really hard for. Fuck you assholes! I’m debating if I’m going to pull out of El Tour de Tucson, because I can’t afford another bike. All I have is a single speed that I use to commute. I am so fucking pissed. I hate you, thief! Fuck you!!! I hope you get ass cancer then get hit by a bus while riding my bike!!!